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The songs in the music store are all original pieces, produced and/or written and performed by PCM and/or its affiliates, and are only intended for those seeking to license a musical work for their project(s). There is a one time NON-REFUNDABLE fee (Each song price varies) for each song; thereafter, the song(s) is (are) yours to use however you see fit, for as long as you wish. Please note that any of the songs in the music store can be licensed to several different parties at any given time, as there is no exclusivity regarding these. If you only seek CUSTOM music that is unique to your particular project however (meaning that it has yet to be created to your desired specifications), click here to go back to the pricing page for more information.





DISCLAIMER: The manner in which any of the songs in the 'Music Store' aka 'The Vault' herein are used, does not necessarily reflect the opinions, views, or in any way bear any type of direct affiliation to PCM whatsoever, other than PCM providing the opportunity to use the music how the client sees fit. Please see the TERMS OF SERVICE for more information.

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