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Experience ~

In 1989, Chris was given his first acoustic guitar at age 12. It was a hand-me-down grey, sunburst style, undersized Silvertone steel string. This was Chris's pride and joy for about a year, until his parents gave him his first electric guitar for Christmas; a black and white Hondo "Fender Stratocaster" knock-off. Chris proceeded to teach himself hundreds of songs by ear, switching back and forth between the two guitars. He also played around on the family piano in between; gradually making the correlation between instruments. In 1992 he joined a 3 piece band, jamming the likes of Pink Floyd and Anthrax. In 1994 he became heavily influenced by Metallica, and found himself swimming in an ocean of metal stylings for the next several years. Over that time, he also discovered new-school punk bands like NOFX, Bad Religion, Strung Out, Pennywise, Lagwagon, etc. This was it; he decided that he needed to be in a punk band. For this reason, in 1995 he joined a punk band called "Unedukatid", and began playing 'old school' and 'new school' punk songs; while learning a whole new set of original songs that the world had yet to hear. Although this band was short-lived, it wasn't long before Chris found a new punk rock home, "Laydlaw". It was here, where Chris began teaching himself the drums in between sets. This band stayed together for over 10 years, playing shows all over California, and creating a strong brotherhood between bandmates. Also during this time, Chris participated in a side band, "Fallen" with some other friends, for fun on the weekends. He continued writing and recording original songs on a Tascam 4-track as well, and came to the reality that music for him may well turn out to be every musician's worst nightmare - just a hobby - as it was not 'panning' out. Eventually however, Chris's hunger to understand music in its entirety, grew intensely. He already knew how to play, but now wanted to know "why" - why do some things sound good, and some things don't; what fundamentals are; why some notes work in a jam, and some don't. For this reason, he decided to go to Musician's Institute in Hollywood. It was here where he obtained his Professional Certificate in 2005. Although most went to this school seeking a live performance career, Chris took away what he wanted the most; an understanding of music theory, composition, and everything else that he had always been hungry to know. His goal was now to become a Movie Composer, and he started a Music Production company with best friend and long-time bandmate, Jimmy D'Amico. The Company was called 'Trust Labs Music Production'. In 2008, Laydlaw played its final show, and everyone went their separate ways, starting new lives in this thing they call "adulthood". Chris continued writing songs during his time with Laydlaw - and even tried a spinoff band with two of the members of Laydlaw, called "Redex"; more for fun than anything else. A couple of years later, Trust Labs dissolved (in 2010), as not enough money was being generated to keep things going - not to mention that Chris and Jimmy both had full-time jobs on top of Trust Labs. During the 5 year tenure however, Trust Labs scored 2 independent films, composed several original wedding songs for various couples, created some theme songs for radio play, scored a couple commercials, and created a solid library of original compositions; with the hope for placement somewhere, some day. Since 2010, Chris has continued to compose and produce many other songs - still with the same desire; he wants the world to hear his music - most preferably aiding visual production. His library now consists of over 300 original songs and samples - some of which you can listen to and/or purchase on this website. If you like what you hear, keep checking back, as he will be adding new songs on a regular basis.....and, if you are interested in using any of his songs and/or services, let him know! Thanks for your support!



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