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Q: What if I want a refund on a song that I download from your site?
A: Unfortunately, there are no refunds on any song purchases/downloads. The reason for this as you can imagine, is because it is very easy for someone to buy a song, upload it to their computer, and then ask for a refund; and if PCM allowed that to happen, it would be out of business very quickly.
Q: Can I place my own music on the PCM site for purchase?
A: Unfortunately - no. PCM is designated for songs created/produced/performed/composed byPCM and/or its affiliates only.
Q: Can I buy more than one song at a time?
A: Yes. There is no limit to how many songs you can purchase.
Q: What if I am unhappy with the custom song(s) that PCM makes for me?
A: If PCM is creating an original custom song for you, it will do its best to satisfy your needs, and will go above and beyond to  make that happen - within reason. If after all of the effort, you are still unsatisfied, PCM will only retain the 20% deposit you initially put down at contract signing, and return anything over and above back to you.
Q: Does PCM provide progress versions of the song(s) during a custom creation?
A: PCM will work with the client(s) via several personal meetings to have the client(s) listen and critique the song(s); however, no files will be released to the client(s) until the 'Acceptance Waiver' is signed by the client(s).
Q: Can anyone else use my song if PCM creates a custom song for me and/or my project?
A: Absolutely not. In your contract, it will explain that a custom song made for a client is theirs to keep forever; and that PCM covenants that it will not make available that particular song to anyone else besides the client, ever, without the client's written consent.
Q: What if I accidentally deleted the song file(s) that I already purchased?
A: If you already paid for a song or service, (which will require authentication), PCM will email you another copy of the song.
Q: How long can I use the song(s) for?
A: Infinitely. Once you have purchased a song/service, you are licensed to use it forever.
Q: I noticed that some of the songs on your sample pages are not available for sale. How can I purchase those?
A: If they are not available in 'The Vault'/Music Store, that is because they have been exclusively created for someone else; and therefore, cannot be purchased.
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