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​Original custom music for:
  • Motion Pictures
  • Television
  • Advertisements
  • Weddings
  • Websites
  • Home videos
  • Radio
  • Celebratory Montages
  • Corporate
  • Telephone Hold Music
  • Video Games
  • Misc. other media

 Music unique to YOUR needs.


Principe Custom Music (PCM) provides two main services for its clients: 


1) Providing original music created solely by PCM, for all of your media project(s), with a one-time only, reasonable licensing fee. You can purchase songs from the MUSIC STORE 'VAULT', or you can simply go to the song samples page to listen to a limited amount of full-length songs at your leisure. These songs are all licensed by PCM non-exclusively to users, for an infinite duration. Please make sure to read the TERMS OF SERVICE Agreement prior to purchase, for full disclosure.

2) Providing supplemental custom music for a variety of other media; this spans from simple one-instrument songs, to extremely complex orchestrations and scores. Please visit the INFO/PRICING page for more information.

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